Piano Appraisal: Orange County

Appraising is an Art

Appraising pianos requires alot of experience around the ivorys. Jeff Murphy has owned thousands of pianos in his life time making piano appraisals in Orange County by Jeff the right way to go.
Why Orange County Uses Jeff for Piano Appraisals: Jeff Murphy has grown his reputation gradually. 0nly Jeff services high end pianos accross the county. Popular places such as House of Blues, the Hilton, the Wilshire Theatre, and Princess Cruise Lines have all contacted Jeff for their piano needs. His reputation precedes him in knowlege and experience.


Piano Repair: Orange County

Jeff is a highly desired piano technician. Call Today.

Piano Tuning: Orange County

Jeff Murphey has tuned over 10,000 pianos in his career. If you need piano tuning in Orange County, Jeff is the man for the job. Many high profile clients such as Ashton Kutcher, Nicolas Cage, Patricia Arquette, Robert Estes, Sharon Stone, Chevy Chase, and so many more have used Jeff confidently to make their piano music as enjoyable as possible. Contact Jeff today for all your Orange County piano tuning needs. See yourself among the stars.